Defending the NAACP against the Tea Party and Fox News

15 Jul

While you can legitmately make the argument that the NAACP has other issues to deal with besides bigotry and hatred in the Tea Party Movement. What you can’t do is make it seem as if the NAACP is irrelevant and does nothing in Black Communities as some have in an effort to defend the Tea Party.

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One Response to “Defending the NAACP against the Tea Party and Fox News”

  1. codecrackx15 July 15, 2010 at 8:18 pm #

    I’ve been to several Tea parties here in Georgia and there was not one racist sign or slogan said. The very fact that there is a NAACP/ Black Caucus/ BET/ Ebony magazine/ Black History Month would all be racist if those were NCAP/ White Caucus/ CET/Cream magazine/ White history month… Stop the double standard and stop listening to the main stream media that is lying about the tea party. Did the NAACP stand up and issue a resolution against Reverend Wright when he was preaching racist slurs and damning america from the pulpit? Did the NAACP issue a resolution when Eric Holder dropped the Black Panther case? Did the NAACP issue a resolution against all the visits that the racist head of the Black panthers made to the white house? The head of the black Panthers is on tape saying he wants his people to go out and kill white people and crackers and slaughter their babies…but nothing from the NAACP decrying these actions.
    I’m so sick of this double standard that now exist but people are still crying racism with the double standard in effect. Fighting racism with racism will never work. Defining ones self by race over being an American will not work.
    Someone on the radio said the Obama “Joker” sign was racist and that is just sad and pathetic. The sign has nothing to do with race. I would suggest some of these people go back and look at the vile and despicable signs at the rally’s against Bush.
    Stop the racism and define yourself as an American and not a race or color. That was what MLK wanted.

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