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Do you still support President Obama?

30 Sep

Many in the conservative media have taken Velma Hart’s recent comments that she is frustrated about defending President Obama to mean all of those who voted for President Obama now regret their choice. Do you regret your choice? Let us know by taking our poll:

President Obama to recruit 10,000 teachers

28 Sep

President Obama looking to recruit 10,000 teachers
President Barack Obama announced a new goal of recruiting 10,000 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) teachers over the next two years. Read more:

Gun violence takes life of promising Seton Hall student

26 Sep

Black on black crime is killing an entire generation. Not just gang bangers and drug dealers but our future leaders as well. Promising college student Jessica Moore was gunned down at  a party.

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Black mayors struggling in post racial America

25 Sep

Many thought that being a black elected official in a “post-racial” society would be great. But for black mayors of large cities it has not been a great time. Adrian Fenty begun the process of fixing Washington DC and for his efforts lost his primary race. Dave Bing of Detroit has been accused of a racial cleaning. Some in Philadelphia are challenging Michael Nutter’s “blackness”, and Cory Booker has lowered the murder rate in Newark NJ and gotten back control of the Newark School system from the state and he is as popular as a black man at a KKK rally. What’s going on here?

 Read a great article from the Washington Post by using the link below on this very subject.

Oprah gives millions to succesful charter schools

21 Sep

Oprah gives millions to succesful charter schools

On September 20 Oprah Winfrey donated 1 million each to six successful charter schools. Find out which 6 schools she gave to and what the money will be used for here:

Charles Barkley admits he took money in college

19 Sep

On Don Patrick’s radio show Charles Barkley admitted to taking money while in college at Auburn. I think the real story is not that the round mound of rebound took money but that none of us are really shocked or surprised by the fact that it happened.

 Read Charles admittion.

Will black republicans be welcome in the Congressional Black Caucus

18 Sep

There are 13 African Americans candidates who are republicans running for Congress this year. A question that is emerging with the belief that some like Allen West of Florida, Ryan Frazier of Colorado and Tim Scott of South Carolina have very good chances of winning is whether or not they will be welcome in the CBC.

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Michelle Obama denies saying that life as first lady is hell

17 Sep

Michelle Obama denies saying that life as first lady is hell and the French Embassy backs up her claims. Read more:

At this black church Muslims & Christians pray together

15 Sep

At this black church Muslims & Christians pray together

At a church in Newark NJ Muslims and Christians have worshipped together for years. A sign that we can all live together and stop the hate.

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Bob Marley family loses case over hit records

14 Sep

Bob Marley family loses case over hit records

Bob Marley’s family lost a lawsuit seeking the copyrights to several of the late Jamaican reggae singer’s best-known recordings.

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