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Martin Luther King III trying to become minority owner of the NY Mets

31 Jan

Martin Luther King III has a dream: To buy the NY Mets.

The Kelley Williams-Bolar mess: A school board members view

29 Jan

I have sat back and until today have not posted anything about a case in which a poor black woman Kelley Williams-Bolar was jailed for sending her kids to an out of district school. I have read the responses many have given to this story on other blogs and web sites.

Read my take on this situation from my view as a school board member:

School segregating black students during homeroom

28 Jan

School segregating black students during homeroom

Lancaster Pennsylvania has segregated black students not only by race but by gender during homeroom. The all-black homerooms are part of an experiment to determine if grouping students homogeneously  each day will help them socially and academically.

Read more:

Full text President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union speech

26 Jan

Read the full text of President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union speech here:

Colin Powell rates President Obama

24 Jan

Colin Powell talked to CNN’s Candy Crowley on her State of the Union show about President Obama’s performance so far. He gives what I would call a fair and balanced judgement of the job President Obama has done so far. Watch the video here:

Nelson Mandela is not dead! Read the ANC statement.

22 Jan

It appears that last weekend some idiot took to twitter and spread the rumor that Nelson Mandela had died. You can imagine South Africa’s and Nelson Mandela’s surprise at hearing this. It is of course not true. Check out the ANC’s ( African National Congress ) statement here:

Obamas criticized for wearing red but hey so did the Bushs’

22 Jan

Obamas criticized for wearing red but hey so did the Bushs’

In what must be a slow news week some have taken to questioning the fact that Michelle Obama wore a red dress and Pres. Obama wore a red tie to the state dinner for Chinese Pres. Hu Jintao. Some feel that the first couple were pandering to the Chinese. That leads me to a question. Were Pres. Bush and wife pandering back in 2008?

Pictures here: