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Rick Santorum plays the race card while criticizing Pres. Obama

21 Jan

While doing a televised interview Rick Santorum took President Obama to task for his views on abortion. That’s fair enough but then Mr. Santorum decided to bring race into the mix by saying, “…I find it almost remarkable for a black man to say ‘now we are going to decide who are people and who are not people”.Watch t…he video below:

What if you had a black tea party event and not enough blacks showed up

21 Jan

A group of black entrepreneurs, elected officials and constituents has launched its own Tea Party in Houston ( Crispus Attucks Tea Party ). As it turned out, only about half of the 75 people who attended were African American. Read more here:

Black Panther TV Series Released on DVD

19 Jan

Black Panther TV Series Released on DVD
I wrote a piece a few months ago asking what happened to the Black Panther TV show starring the voice of Djimon Hounsou that was to air on BET. Well I have great news for those who were really interested in that story. All six episodes have now been released on DVD.

Read the press release and buy the DVD here:

Toledo mayor looking to bring jobs & business from China

19 Jan

Toledo mayor looking to bring jobs & business from China

Toledo is thousands of miles from Shanghai, but soon may be a port of call for the Chinese. Mayor Mike Bell’s administration could be ready to ink a massive land deal with Chinese investors involving three riverfront properties.

Read more here

The MLK speech everyone should hear: The Drum Major Instinct

17 Jan

This weekend and on MLK Day we will hear Dr. King’s I Have a Dream speech ad nauseam. While it is a great and historical speech I believe it’s not the one many in this current United States especially politicians and political pundits need to hear and understand. That speech is “The Drum Major Instinct” Listen to it hear:

Video: President Obama speech at Tuscon memorial

13 Jan

In what may be one of the most important speeches he ever gives President Obama gave a speech that all should hear regardless of political affiliations. A speech that not only remembers the fallen and the heroes of the tragedy in Tuscon. But that also reminds us to be the nation that are children want us to be. Watch the entire speech here:

Guns don’t kill but they sure make killing a hell of a lot easier!

11 Jan

In these days after the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 19 others in which 6 died including a 9 year old girl we are hearing and reading much about the tone of our political discourse.

But what about our love affair with guns in this country? Read more: