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Herman Cain: Planned Parenthood’s mission is ‘planned genocide’ of black babies

16 Mar

Using unusually harsh words, a potential presidential candidate ( Herman Cain ) echoed some previous comments: claiming that Planned Parenthood’s original mission was to “help kill black babies before they came into the world.” Read more:

GOP Eyes black vote in 2012

16 Mar

GOP Eyes  black vote in 2012

The GOP is looking to lure more black voters in 2012. Now if you are like me you are wondering how any GOP attempts to reach out to black voters will be any different than the lame attempt in 2010 under Michael Steele. Here’s one way. They might actually TRY to reach out to black voters this time. 

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Is Sarah Palin becoming Al Sharpton

15 Mar

Is Sarah Palin becoming Al Sharpton

Two writers from Politico Jonathan Martin and John F. Harris have written a very interesting article that may surprise both Al Sharpton and Sarah Palin. In it they compare Palin’s playing of the victim and sexism cards to Sharpton’s use of the victim ( race ) card.

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President Obama: We must come to agreement on gun reform

14 Mar

President Obama: We must come to agreement on gun reform

On March 13 the Arizona Daily Star published an op-ed piece by President Obama in which he wrote about gun reform. Read that op-ed piece here:

Please suport my team in theNational MS walk Event

7 Mar

I don’t have MS and knew very little about it before my cub scout pack and I formed a team to walk in a National MS walk event. I have learned that many have it. I was very surprised by the numbers of people that donated in a family members name who had MS.  My team has set a goal of $500 and right now we are at $360. We are looking for help  in the fight against MS:. Please check us out and or donate here:

5 states with no teachers unions have low to average SAT/ACT test scores

6 Mar

Lately teachers unions have been blamed for everything wrong with education. Some  things they are blamed for are lower test scores & our kids not being ready for college. While they are not completely innocent of those charges it turns out states without teachers unions are near the bottom of the SAT/ACT scores list. See where they rank:

Mike Huckabee: Obama was raised in Kenya

2 Mar

Ah damn Huck. I foolishy thought out of all the potential republican candidates Mr. Huckabee was the most open minded and fair. I mean he defended Michelle Obama and all and then he goes and says this bull!@#$. Listen to Huck’s comments about Obama living in Kenya here: