President Obama: How we can put Americans to work right now 08/15/11

16 Aug

President Obama: How we can put Americans to work right now 08/15/11

During the first day of his mid west bus tour President Obama on spoke on ways that congress can help put Americans back to work right now. Listen to that part of his speech here:

One Response to “President Obama: How we can put Americans to work right now 08/15/11”

  1. Thomas W. Loker August 16, 2011 at 6:23 am #

    Putting the rethoric aside and the partisanship for a moment, I hope the President can help get people back to work. In order to do this we will all need to focus less on the partisanship and more on the pragmatic. Benjamin Franklin said that, “compromise, based on tolerance, was the only practical form of agreement.” I have been quoted rectently stating the only thing we are willing to tolerate is intolerance.

    In the case of jobs, all jobs are no longer created equal. As we compete on a world stage in a world economy, we need to find those jobs that will yield the higher margins of retained earning at hope lest we find ourselves continuing the trade deficit battle we are already losing.

    We need to all ask questions of the jobs we are getting ready to rush to create. Will these jobs provide for a competitive world product? Whill these jobs survive after the subsidies and tax incentives stop? Are we creating products that the World, or at leat the U.S. populace wants and can afford to buy?

    This is not a partisan rant by any means. I am a Mugwump ( ).
    It is meant to be a way to stimulate the enxt phase of the dialogue. We agree we need jobs. We will get bound about the how as a result of our current hyperpartisan climate. Perhaps we can begin the dialogue on which jobs now and gain some tolerance before it all gets bound up.

    I have read some of your posts and you stike me as aligned in this manner of thinking.

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