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President Obama: 2011 Back To School Speech

29 Sep

President Obama: 2011 Back To School Speech

President Obama gave his third annual “Back to School” address at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington, DC. The President spoke directly to students in public schools throughout the country on the importance of doing well in school. Watch his speech here:

Obama tells blacks to ‘stop complainin’ and fight

26 Sep

 Obama tells blacks to ‘stop complainin’ and fight

At a 2011 Congressional Black Caucus awards show President Obama asked black voters and the CBC to stop complaining and fight. Listen to that audio here:

Herman Cain wins Florida straw poll

25 Sep

Wow when everyone thought the GOP race had already come down to Perry vs Romney here comes Herman Cain. Cain won a straw poll in Florida today easily whipping the competition. Read more:

The GOP is becoming the intolerant & uncaring “Let em die ” party. Do they care?

24 Sep

The GOP is becoming the intolerant & uncaring “Let em die ” party. Do they care?
During recent GOP debates some very troubling things have happened. Not from the candidates themselves but from those Republicans and Tea Partiers in the audience. Crowd response to questions from gay soldiers, about an uninsured man dying, and about the death penalty received surprising and very disappointing responses. No candidates challenged this behavior. Do they care? Does the GOP care.

Read more here:


Fan throws banana peel at black hockey player ( Wayne Simmonds )

24 Sep

Fan throws banana peel at black hockey player ( Wayne Simmonds )

For what most definitely the first time ( and I’m sure the last time. ) ever I am posting a story about NHL Hockey. Sadly it’s not because of some great achievement by a black player but because of the racism aimed at African American player Wayne Simmonds when a fan threw a banana peel at him. 

Read more :

What led to Troy Davis Clemency denial.

21 Sep

What led to Troy Davis Clemency denial.

I’m sure by now that you have all heard or read the tragic news that Troy Davis has been denied clemency by the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles. Watch what led to that descision here:

Video: Sister of Troy Davis thanks his supporters

19 Sep

Video: Sister of Troy Davis thanks his supporters
Kimberly Davis the sister of Troy Davis takes a few moments to thank her brother’s supporters and encourage them to keep fighting for justice and his freedom.

Watch the video here:

Who wins tonight: Mayweather or Ortiz?

17 Sep

Who wins tonight: Mayweather or Ortiz?

Floyd “Money” Mayweather takes on hard punching Victor Ortiz tonight. I actually think Ortiz has a shot since Mayweather does not seem to be taking Ortiz seriously as he should. The kid Ortiz has heart and punches hard as hell. But will it be enough against Mayweather’s speed and experience. What do you think? Give your answer:

President Obama Speech: “Let’s Put this Country Back to Work”

13 Sep

President Obama Speech: “Let’s Put this Country Back to Work”

This morning ( 09/12/11 ), President Obama was joined by Vice President Biden as well as teachers, veterans, small business owners, construction workers and first responders, as he called on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act right away. Listen to his speech :

5’4″ walk-on player gets basketball scholarship.

12 Sep

5’4″ walk-on player gets basketball scholarship.

This is a story that makes me smile as someone that’s 5’5″ AND A HALF ( that half is important people ). Eric Valentine a walk-on to the basketball team at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay worked hard and overcame all odds to win a full scholarship for this year. Watch the video here: