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Thompson: A Dead War Series short story ( complete story here )

24 Jun

This short story is a companion piece to The Dead War Series: Book 1 which is available at Amazon here: . The Dead War Series Book 1 starts the story of The Dead War.

Blurbs about The Dead War Series from horror web sites.

….A simple balls to the wall zombie tale. The Rotting Zombie

My suggestion is… you probably don’t want to read this one on an full stomach. Go ahead! Jump on over to AMAZON to get a copy of George’s zombie tale now! Michael Clutton Tasty Terror

George Cook’s Dead War Series is a fun time (IF you think fun is apocalypse of slow-style zombies! We do!). The Madore Brothers!/Necropology

Click the link below to read a PDF version of Thompson.

A Dead War Series Short StoryTHOMPSONBy George L