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Supreme Court limits federal oversight of Voting Rights Act. Read their ruling.

25 Jun

A deeply divided Supreme Court has limited use of a key provision in the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965, in effect invalidating federal enforcement over all or parts of 15 states with past history of voter discrimination. Read their ruling –

The Dead War Trilogy. This ain’t your father’s zombie apocalypse!

20 Jun

This ain’t your father’s zombie apocalypse. The Dead War Trilogy ( new edition ) $2.99 for kindle.  Black Hawk Down meets The Walking Dead!

Grambling University and 10 other HBCUs banned from 2013/2014 postseason due to academics

13 Jun

Grambling University and 10 other HBCUs banned from 2013/2014 postseason due to academics

It may seem like I’m picking on HBCUs this week but I’m not. I’m trying to make everyone aware of the serious plight that they are in. These schools have seen thousands of African Americans go through them and for many then and now it’s the only they can afford to go to college. We need to be aware of any problem before it can be fixed. Fact is HBCUs are in trouble whether we want to admit it or not. One day we will look around and wonder where most of them went. George Cook

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Oprah Winfrey gives $12 million to National Museum of African American History

12 Jun

Oprah Winfrey is giving $12 million to a museum being built on Washington’s National Mall that will document African-American history, officials said Tuesday.

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A few minutes in the zombie apocalypse

2 Jun

ImageLive a few minutes with Sgt Richards, the hero of The Dead War Trilogy fighting against the living dead in the year 2055.