Justice For Trayvon Day. List of participating cities.

18 Jul

Here is a current list of cities participating in the Justice For Trayvon Day rallies across the United States as 5:30 PM ET on Wednesday 07/17/2013. Check back for updates.If you know of any cities not listed please add them in the comments box.

Read more here: http://aareports.com/2013/07/justice-for-trayvon-day-list-of.html

One Response to “Justice For Trayvon Day. List of participating cities.”

  1. The Overman August 18, 2013 at 12:09 pm #

    Justice is not a term to be applied to this or that person. It is all-encompassing. Justice is the state wherein all participants involved in a particular incident have received their due. To say, “Justice for Trayvon,” is therefore fallacious. You may as well say what you really mean: “Revenge for Trayvon.” You are not helping black America by crying “racism” when there absolutely no evidence for it. And you only hurt black credibility, so that the next time you cry “racism,” no one will believe you.

    I’m a white man and voted for Obama twice. But people like you and Sharpton and Jealous, et. al., are part of the problem.

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