Some blame racism but could anger be the cause of Eric Duncan’s death?

11 Oct

Some have pointed to racism in the death of Eric Duncan.  My question is could it be something other than racism. Could it be that doctors and nurses were angry at Duncan for coming back into the United States knowing that he may be sick and thus endangering them all? – See more at:


2 Responses to “Some blame racism but could anger be the cause of Eric Duncan’s death?”

  1. auntynini October 11, 2014 at 9:24 pm #

    No, it was misdiagnosis, negligence and disparity in treatment. The front line folks did not diagnose him properly, did not follow CDC guidelines in spite of all the information needed, and frankly had no experience in working with ebola and the supportive care of ebola, which is quite complex. Further they did not provide Mr. Duncan with the successful experimental treatment options that all other US ebola patients had to date.

    Since there are at least 40% of patients in Africa who have survived ebola, finding a blood type match and making donor blood available to Mr. Duncan was never considered, but it would have been an obvious, easy solution to providing him at least one successful treatment, if not Zmapp.

    As the first case dx’d in the US and as a non-insured, non US citizen, he should have quickly been transported to the same state-of-the-art publicly funded academic facilities where the other ebola cases were transported and treated rather been treated at a for-profit mediocre hospital.

    If anger should be directed anywhere, it should be with President Obama, as he refuses to secure the borders and to introduce a travel restriction/tighter containment into the US from these hard hit countries until at least the authorities get a handle on this outbreak.

    By focusing on subjective qualities (personal anger, personal racism) rather than facts of the case, the case on it’s true merits is severely diluted.

  2. gregmercer601 October 13, 2014 at 6:42 am #

    Money is also a cause. What hospital wants to take on Ebola in a for-profit system? For a patient without insurance? Such a temptation to send the cost home…

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