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National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Hosts 41st Annual Convention in Anaheim

29 Mar

The 2015 NSBE Technical Professionals Conference (TPC) was recently hosted in Southern California on March 25–29, 2015, at the Anaheim Marriott and Convention Center as part of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) 41st Annual Convention. The annual convention convened over 7,000 participants and this year’s convention theme is “Innovation & Excellence: Reimagining Your Future”. Read more:

Black Women March to Senate Leader’s Office in Protest Over Loretta Lynch

29 Mar


About 20 prominent black women arrived at the ornate office suites of McConnell Thursday morning, asking to meet with him—even if for only a few minutes in the hallway—over the delay in confirming Attorney General-designate Loretta Lynch. They were told McConnell was too busy. The women did meet with McConnell’s chief of staff for about 20 minutes. Read more:

Black Swimmers Make History At NCAA Championship

26 Mar


African-American swimmers took the top three finishes in a single event at the Women’s Division 1 NCAA Championships, Read more:

6 points Stephen A. Smith should keep in mind when discussing blacks voting republican.

22 Mar

stephen-a-smithStephen A. Smith made news for his receding hairline, naw just joking. Mr. Smith made news for his suggestion that in one election African American should vote republican. He believes and probably correctly so that the democrats take the black vote for granted, and they should be made to earn the black vote. That may be true, but I have a few points that Mr. Smith might want to keep in mind. Read more:

Read the 2015 State of Black America Report

21 Mar

soba-logo-whiteMarch 19, 2015 (New York, NY) Today, the National Urban League releases its 39th edition of the State of Black America® – “Save Our Cities: Education, Jobs + Justice,” which underscores the urgency of each of these areas in America’s quest for full equality. The world watched throughout 2014 as justice was challenged on every front – from the accountability of law enforcement for misconduct and the continual assault on voting rights, to widening economic gaps and partisan education debates more rooted in political agendas than in putting our children first. Simply put, the state of Black America is in crisis, and the State of Black America® report findings provide a sobering, but necessary, look at critical issues that need to be addressed – now. Read the full report: #SOBA #State0fBlackAmerica #NationalUrbanLeague #AfricanAmerican

Shouldn’t police officers live in the communities they police?

21 Mar

The city of Newark NJ wanting rookie cops to live in the city during the first five years of their employment. The city believes that this would lead to better policing as the cops would better know the community and vice versa. The police union is against such a change. Do you think that police should live in the communities they serve? See more –

Hampton beats Manhattan to win opening round NCAA Tournament game.

18 Mar

16th seeded MEAC champion Hampton and 16th seeded MAAC champions Manhattan played in the first game of the NCAA Tournament (the play-in game or a First Four game if you prefer) with Hampton coming out on top 74-64. – See more at:


Please Give & Help: The Love for Ashley Surgery Fund

14 Mar


A little girl Ashley is suffering from a Pseudomonas infection. Pseudomonas infections can make one very sick if they spread through the bloodstream. A serious infection can cause symptoms of high fever, chills, confusion, and shock. Unfortunately as in Ashley’s case it can spread throughout the body. She is receiving treatment, but mounting medical expenses are draining the family financially. the family is trying to raise $6,000 to cover medical cost is is just about $1,500 away from that goal. Please help them reach it! George Cook African American Reports. – See more at

Reach: 40 Black Men Speak on Living, Leading, and Succeeding

12 Mar

In this timely and important collection of personal essays, black men from all walks of life share their inspiring stories and ultimately how each, in his own way, became a source of hope for his community and country. – Check the book out at:


Historically black schools say Obama’s policies have fallen short

12 Mar

The country’s first African American president is finding himself increasingly at odds with a cornerstone of the African American community: historically black colleges and universities. Leaders at these schools and some black lawmakers say the Obama administration has been pushing policies for years that hurt students – See more at: