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Buy any Dead War Series Book and a donation will be made to St. Judes Children’s Hospital

8 Dec
Buy any Dead War Series Book and a donation will be made to St. Judes Children’s Hospital

Hey all this is author George Cook. I guess many of you have never heard of zombies helping children but that’s what will happen if you purchase any Dead War Series book using the links below. Amazon will send a percentage of each sale to St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital through their new Amazon Smile Program. I have dedicated my life to helping children which is why I currently serve on my local board of education and volunteer as a youth coach and I see this great Amazon program as another way to help.

The mission of St. Judes Research Hospital is to find cures and means of prevention for childhood catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Thanks in advance for your donations!

The Dead War Series Book One

The Dead War Series Book Two:Abomination

The Dead War Series Book Three: WAR

NFL Athletes Giving Back: Braylon Edwards NJ Jets

12 Sep

Black Athletes Giving Back

Braylon Edwards Foundation launched the Advance 100 program in 2007 as a commitment to the youth of Cleveland. The program includes $1 million in academic scholarships to the Cleveland Municipal School District .

Black Athletes Giving Back: Justin Tuck

3 Sep
All too often black athletes are portrayed in the mainstream media in a negative light. The are mostly portrayed as selfish, greedy, womanizers, and as self centered athletes who commit crimes or who do nothing positive in their communities. To combat that every Thursday here at AAreports we will present an athlete doing something positive in their communities.
First up a young man from my favorite sports team, The NY Giants, Justin Tuck.