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Obama discusses his christian faith at National Prayer Breakfast

5 Feb

President Obama speaks about the role of faith in his life and in society during the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. Watch his entire speech here:

African American Christmas Ornaments & Figurines

5 Dec

Where are the African American Christmas Ornaments & Figurines?

If you are like me you dread being dragged to the Hallmark store to pick out new Christmas ornaments. You probably also get dissapointed that they are not too many ornaments or figurines that represent African Americans. I have found 12 great ornaments on the web and put some of them all in one place.

Check them out:

At this black church Muslims & Christians pray together

15 Sep

At this black church Muslims & Christians pray together

At a church in Newark NJ Muslims and Christians have worshipped together for years. A sign that we can all live together and stop the hate.

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Louis Farrakhan supports Ground Zero Mosque

4 Sep

This may be support that supporters of a proposed Islamic Community Center two blocks away from ground zero do not want. That support would be from Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan.  I’m sure Fox News will jump all over this.

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