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Chad Johnson admits to domestic violence against women

6 Dec

Chad Johnson admits to domestic violence against women


In a stunning and honest moment on the ESPN show First Take Chad Johnson admits to domestic violence towards woman. Not just his former wife Evelyn Lozada, but other women as well. Don’t know if Mr. Johnson is truly trying to change or not but this is definitely a start in the right direction.

Watch his confession here: Chad Johnson on First Take

ESPN removes Hank Williams Jr from MNF for comparing Pres. Obama to Hitler

4 Oct

The Hank Williams Jr. song that has opened Monday Night Football for 20 years will not be part of the opening of this week’s Indianapolis-Tampa Bay game after Williams made controversial comments about President Barack Obama. Williams compared Obama to Adolf Hitler on Fox News. Watch more:

Eric LeGrand makes broadcast debut

1 May

This is great inspirational story. Eric LeGrand a Rutgers football player who suffered a serious spinal injury was in the booth as part of the broadcast team for the Rutgers Scarlet-White game. Looks like Mr. LeGrand has not let this devastating injury slow him down one bit. Watch video:

Open letter from Dan Gilbert owner of the Cleveland Caviliers to Cavs fans

9 Jul

Whoa check out this letter from Dan Gilbert the owner of the Cleveland Caviliers to the people of Cleveland about Lebron James leaving town. This is one of the longest ways to say !@#$ you Lebron you may read today.

Read the letter here:

Is the Lebron James hype going too far?

9 Jul

If you are like me you have been following the where will Lebron go saga relentlessly since July 1. I love it and don’t blame Lebron one bit for wallowing in all the attention. Hell I would. ( yes, I’m that shallow ) But after I heard about the ESPN special to announce where he was going even I had to raise an eyebrow. Read more by using the link below:

We are Lebron ( Cleveland pols & celebs sing to keep Lebron )

15 May

Video: We are Lebron. Cleveland pols and celebs sing  we are the world remix to keep Lebron James.  Also NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg tells Lebron he’d love New York. Lebron’s elbow may have been hurt more tha we thought. Check out these stories here: