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Full Video: Pres. Obama 2014 pre game Superbowl interview with Fox News

3 Feb


During the pre-game show for Superbowl XLVIII Bill O’Reilly interviewed Obama on Obamacare, Benghazi Attack, and IRS Targeting. Check out that full interview – See more at:

Bill O’Reilly: Will Obama’s black outreach include appearance on Soul Train?

12 Dec

Bill O’Reilly wondered out loud on his TV show whether or not Obama’s outreach to African Americans would include him going on Soul Train. A very ignorant statement but not surprising from O’Reilly or anyone else on Fox News. What was very disappointing was Dr. Marc Lamont Hill’s reaction to the statement. He seemed more amused than angry or is it just me. Watch the video here: O’Reilly: Will Obama’s black outreach include appearance on Soul Train?

Video: Common’s poem a Letter to the Law

12 May

Video: Common’s poem a Letter to the Law

There has been a made up controversy about the rapper and poet Common AKA Lonnie Rashid Lynn being invited to the White House based on a supposedly racist and violent poem he wrote and performed in 2007. Those who criticize first need to look up the word metaphor and then actually listen to the poem. Watch Common recite his poem:

Viideo: Obama & O’Reilly pre Superbowl interview

7 Feb

During a pre game interview President Obama took questions from Fox News personality Bil O’Reilly on such topics as the situation in Egypt and the future of Obama’s healthcare plan. Watch the video here:

Wikileaks leaks transcript of secret 2009 GOP meeting

29 Nov

Wikileaks leaks transcript of secret 2009 GOP meeting

The following is a transcript obtained by Wikileaks. The transcript is a recording made at meeting of 5 GOP Party leaders at a GOP gathering at a restaurant somewhere in Washington DC in 2009 discussing the 2010 mid-term elections. The names have been deleted to protect the “innocent”.

Read more here:

AAreports: The week in review

20 Nov

Hi everyone. What a week it has been here on AAreports . I know that you all have been waiting anxiously for my insightful and thought provoking commentary with bated breath. Today I’m going to touch on Wesley Snipes, Roland Burris, President Obama and the black farmers settlement. Read this weeks piece here:

Juan Williams fired by NPR

22 Oct

NPR fired political analyst Juan Williams on Wednesday night over his statement on Fox News that he gets “nervous” whenever he sees people in “Muslim garb” boarding a plane. Use the link below to read NPR’s statement on the firing of Williams and see the “offensive” video:

NAACP on Bill O’Reilly show discussing Tea Party racism

10 Sep

Bill O’Reilly interviewed Hilary Shelton the President of the NAACP Washington Burea about the NAACPs fight against racism in the Tea Party. Watch as O’Reilly spins cpnspiracy theories and tries to put Shelton in the almost impossible spot of defending something inflammatory said by Jeremiah Wright instead of actually defending the Tea Party.

Louis Farrakhan supports Ground Zero Mosque

4 Sep

This may be support that supporters of a proposed Islamic Community Center two blocks away from ground zero do not want. That support would be from Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan.  I’m sure Fox News will jump all over this.

Read more:

President Obama: The Illustrated Man

31 Aug

The Illustrated Man an article by John Adler of Newsweek that shoots down the lies about President Obama. You know the lies about his citizenship, he’s a socialist, he’s a Muslim. Read more here: