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Some blame racism but could anger be the cause of Eric Duncan’s death?

11 Oct

Some have pointed to racism in the death of Eric Duncan.  My question is could it be something other than racism. Could it be that doctors and nurses were angry at Duncan for coming back into the United States knowing that he may be sick and thus endangering them all? – See more at:



#1 ranked Junior Tennis Player Taylor Townsend Told She’s Too Fat For U.S. Open

12 Sep

 #1 ranked Junior Tennis Player Taylor Townsend Told She’s Too Fat For U.S. Open?

 Although she is the #1 ranked junior tennis player in the WORLD 16 year old Taylor Townsend was told to stay home because of her weight. She was told that her expenses would not be paid. So she paid her on way. Watch her tell her story here: Taylor Townsend too fat?

Full text of Supreme Court Ruling On Health Care Reform

29 Jun

Full text of Supreme Court Ruling On Health Care Reform

Read the entire 533 page text of the Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act here: Full text of Supreme Court ruling  


22 Jun

 Ruby Carter-Pikes, LA Great-Grandmother Takes 2nd in Fitness Contest

 Here’s one for all you youngsters out there who claims they don’t have time to work out or make excuses about eating healthy. And by young I mean anyone under 64. Ruby Carter-Pikes, A 64-year-old great-grandmother from Los Angeles beat out several of her younger competitors in a fitness competition placing second earlier this month in Atlanta, Georgia. Watch her in action by clicking the link below:

Eric LeGrand makes broadcast debut

1 May

This is great inspirational story. Eric LeGrand a Rutgers football player who suffered a serious spinal injury was in the booth as part of the broadcast team for the Rutgers Scarlet-White game. Looks like Mr. LeGrand has not let this devastating injury slow him down one bit. Watch video:

Please suport my team in theNational MS walk Event

7 Mar

I don’t have MS and knew very little about it before my cub scout pack and I formed a team to walk in a National MS walk event. I have learned that many have it. I was very surprised by the numbers of people that donated in a family members name who had MS.  My team has set a goal of $500 and right now we are at $360. We are looking for help  in the fight against MS:. Please check us out and or donate here:

Andrew Breitbart’s portraying Michelle Obama as mean & fat.

15 Feb

Andrew Breitbart’s portraying Michelle Obama as mean & fat.
You have to see this disrespectful cartoon to believe it: