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Watch Live Coverage of One Nation Rally

2 Oct

Watch l ive One Nation Rally coverage on from 12PM-4PM

Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter Alveda King attending Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally

26 Aug

Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter Alveda King attending Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally. Read the story here:

Pledge of Allegiance for the United States of Hate

18 Aug

New Pledge for the United States of Hate.

 Being as in the past year the United States has become an increasingly intolerant nation in the name of political gain I have decided to write a new pledge of allegiance that reflects what we are becoming.

Read it here:

Terror babies are coming! Be afraid, be very afraid!

16 Aug

Congressmen Louie Gohmert of Texas would have us all believe that foreign terrorist are coming here to have babies who would be US citizens. The idea being that when those babies grow up they would then blow us all to hell. Of course he has no proof but never let the facts get in the way of demagoguery.

On the surface this is a premise so crazy that even Glenn Beck would raise an eyebrow and say “WTF!”

But if you drink a twelve pack of beer and think about it you see the serious flaws in Gohmert’s thinking.

Read more here:

Iowa congressman Steve King says Obama favors black people

16 Jun

Congressman King, ” Obama favors black people”

During an appearance on G. Gordon Liddy’s radio show this morning to discuss Arizona’s immigration law, Iowa congressman King suggested President Barack Obama was a racist and “favors the black person” while carrying out his presidential duties.

Black fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha boycotts Arizona over immigration law

6 May

Black fraternity moves convention out of Arizona to protest Immigration law.

Alpha Phi Alpha the nations oldest black fraternity has moved it’s annual convention out of Arizona to protest the new immigration law in Arizona. Read why by using this link: