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Progress at Martin Luther King Jr Memorial: Pictures & Video

4 Dec

Progress at Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

Check out this 2 minute report on progress at the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial in Washington DC done by the local NBC station there. I think you will like it:

Watch it here:

Video: Alveda King’s speech at Restoring Honor Rally

29 Aug

Watch the speech that the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s niece Alveda King gave at Glenn Beck’s Reatoring Honor Rally. Duration 5 minutes:

Glenn Beck vs the New Black Panther Party

12 Jul

The New Black Panther Party is not happy with the fact that Glenn Beck has planned a “Restoring Honor” rally at thr Lincoln Memorial on August 28. That date is the anniversary date for Dr. Martin Luther King’s ” I have a dream speech” at the very same site. To protest the New Black Panthers paln to be there. Hear what NBPP chairman Malik Shabazz has to say about this by using the link below