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Befor you bash Islam why not actually read the Qur’an

21 Aug

Before you bash Islam why not actually read the Qur’an yourself. Read the op=ed here:

Pledge of Allegiance for the United States of Hate

18 Aug

New Pledge for the United States of Hate.

 Being as in the past year the United States has become an increasingly intolerant nation in the name of political gain I have decided to write a new pledge of allegiance that reflects what we are becoming.

Read it here:

Why I’m ignoring Rush Limbaugh and why you should too

18 Jul

Many Have asked why I have not blogged about any of Rush Limbaugh’s recent radio antics including his statements about the late George Steinbrenner making many African American’s millionaires.

The answer to that question is that I simply don’t want to help this man spew his hate and grow his audience by writing about him. Read more by using the link below:

Sign the NAACP Pledge against Hate

16 Jul

After speaking out against racist acts committed by fringe members of the Tea Party, the NAACP is under harsh criticism by its opponents. I just signed a pledge to stand up against hate and show my support for the NAACP — you should too.

Statement from South Carolina Democratic Party on Alvin Greene

3 Jul

Statement from South Carolina Democratic Party to AAreports concerning the surprising primary win by Alvin Greeene and the obscenity charges he faces . I wondered how the South Carolina Democratic Party felt this. I reached out and was able to talk to the SCDP communications director Keiana Paige. Read more:

Reparations: Is President Obama duping the AA Community?

16 May

Reparations: Is President Obama duping the AA Community?

Check out this thought provoking article by Dexter Rogers in which he ask the question. If Obama can give millions to Phillipine WWII veterans and billions to Native Americans for their mistreatment why can’t he do the same for African Americans whose forfathers endured slavery. Read the article here: