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Conservatives think more blacks should support for Carson because his life story???

7 Nov

Many conservatives seem confounded by the fact that Ben Carson is not being received warmly by the African American voters. Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and like minded ilk seem to think that Carson’s great personal narrative should have blacks flocking to him to hear his message. By focusing on his narrative they are overlooking a lot of other issues that black voters have with Carson. check out my fictional conversation between a black voter and a conservative Carson supporter which may better help to get my message across. read it here:

Why Fox News must destroy #BlackLivesMatter

3 Sep


Fox News has launched an all out propaganda war against the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. The network is trying to blame the recent deaths of police officers on the movement, and trying to make a case that #BlackLivesMatter is putting officers lives at risk by changing the atmosphere in which cops must now work. – See more at:

Black republicans response to Guiliani’s outrageous Obama comments

21 Feb

Former NYC mayor Rudolph (I used to be relevant) Guiliani made some very negative comments about President Obama. Now I have been waiting for republicans and especially black republicans to step forward and admonish Guiliani for his comments. Well through my crack investigative reporting I have come up with a statement by black republicans on Guiliani’s ridiculous remarks and that video is posted – at:

Ben Carson speech at Iowa Freedom Summit

25 Jan


Dr Ben Carson addressed the Iowa Freedom Summit Saturday. He spoke on Obamacare, the right to life, economy, foreign policy and more. What he did best was prove that he has no business running for president let alone being president. Carson spoke in generalities and showed little to no substance. He gave the crowd the usual conservative talking points to get cheap applause and nothing more. In the twenty or so minutes ( Yes, twenty minutes of his nasally voice, my ears are still bleeding) are so that he spoke we learned nothing about how he would actually implement any of his ideas. To be fair he never does say talk on the how to part of things. Watch his entire speech at:

10 Fla. counties report suspicious GOP voter sign-ups

29 Sep
10 Fla. counties report suspicious GOP voter sign-ups



Here’s a story you wont see on Fox News. 10 Fla. counties report suspicious GOP voter sign-ups 

Eric Holder calls voter ID laws Poll taxes.

11 Jul

Eric Holder calls voter ID laws Poll taxes.

During a speech at this years NAACP Convention Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed all the BS republican / conservative semantics and called voter ID laws what they really are, poll taxes. Listen to his statements here: Eric Holder calls voter ID laws Poll taxes


3 Jul

 Allen West: President Obama Wants Americans To ‘Be His Slave’

 I wish I was making this up but I’m not. The fact that Allen West is actually a sitting congressman should scare the sh** out of every sane person in the USA. During a Sunday rally with constituents in a newly drawn district he wants to represent, West accused President Barack Obama of wanting to enslave the American public. Watch him make those statements here: