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Conservative kooks believe Andrew Breitbart was “eliminated”

4 Mar

Conservative kooks believe Andrew Breitbart was “eliminated”

Here we go again. Those same friendly conspiracy theorist who would have you believe that President Obama is not American and is a Muslim have a new theory to play with until they get back to UFOs and Area 57. Some are saying that Andrew Brietbart was “eliminated” because he supposedly had damning video of President Obama from his college days. I’m not making this up. Read more here: Conservative kooks believe Andrew Breitbart was eliminated

Shirley Sherrod to sue Andrew Breitbart

30 Jul

Shirley Sherrod to sue Andrew Breitbart

Ousted Agriculture Department employee Shirley Sherrod said Thursday she will sue a conservative blogger who posted a video edited in a way that made her appear racist.

Read more: http://aareports.com/2010/07/shirley-sherrod-to-sue-andrew-breitbart.html

Watch the full unedited Shirley Sherrod Video

22 Jul

The NAACP has posted the full Sherry Sherrod video. Watch it here: http://aareports.com/2010/07/full-shirley-sherrod-video.html

NAACP releases new statement on Shirley Sherrod

21 Jul

NAACP new statement on Shirley Sherrod resignation after finding out that tape was edited. Read their mea culpa here:


Shirley Sherrod video was edited!

21 Jul

Shirley Sherrod video was edited!

The video of Shirley Sherrod was edited. The video was posted by Andrew Breitbart on his Big Government web site suddenly ends before a very important part of Sherrod’s speech in which she states something that changes the entire context of what we have seen .

 Read more http://aareport…s.com/2010/07/unedited-video-supports-shirley.html