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Grant Hill responds to being called an “Uncle Tom”

17 Mar

This past Sunday Night ESPN aired the documentary ” The Fab Five,” During the film Jalen Rose a member of the Fab Five the films’s executive producer, said that Duke recruited only black players he considered to be “Uncle Toms.”.

Check out Grant Hills classy reply and subtle dig at the Fab Five: http://aareports.com/2011/03/grant-hill-responds-to-being-called.html

Charles Barkley admits he took money in college

19 Sep

On Don Patrick’s radio show Charles Barkley admitted to taking money while in college at Auburn. I think the real story is not that the round mound of rebound took money but that none of us are really shocked or surprised by the fact that it happened.

 Read Charles admittion. http://aareports.com/2010/09/charles-barkley-admits-he-took-money-in.html

Lebron James, Rev Jackson, NBA, racism, $100, 000 fines, David Stern & Dan Gilbert

13 Jul

Lebron James, Rev Jackson, racism, $100, 000 fines, David Stern & Dan Gilbert:

This whole Lebron James situation has gotten crazy. Lebron left for Miami. Cleveland Caviliers owner Dan Gilbert wrote a nasty letter about him, Jesse Jackson chimed in using the phrase runaway slave and NBA Commissioner David Stern has now had to fine Gilbert $100,000 and speak on Jesse Jackson’s comments. Whew. Read more:


Is the Lebron James hype going too far?

9 Jul

If you are like me you have been following the where will Lebron go saga relentlessly since July 1. I love it and don’t blame Lebron one bit for wallowing in all the attention. Hell I would. ( yes, I’m that shallow ) But after I heard about the ESPN special to announce where he was going even I had to raise an eyebrow. Read more by using the link below:


Wade leaning toward Chicago. If he goes there will Lebron follow?

3 Jul

Wade leaning toward Chicago. If he goes there will Lebron follow?


You want Lebron. Your’e gonna have to come to him.

27 Jun

You want Lebron. Your’e gonna have to come to him

According to an article on ESPN.com Lebron James will not be flying around the country to be courted by NBA teams. That’s right if you want to kiss ” King James ” royal ass you are going to have to come tho him and beg him to join your sad sack franchise.

Read more: http://www.lebronwatch.com/2010/06/you-want-lebron-youre-gonna-have-to.html

Video preview: Lebron’s James interview with Larry King

4 Jun

Video preview: Lebron’s interview with Larry King:

Lebron talks about Cleveland’s chances of landing him and the summit of free agent all stars that Dwyane wade has mentioned.