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Bill O’Reilly: Will Obama’s black outreach include appearance on Soul Train?

12 Dec

Bill O’Reilly wondered out loud on his TV show whether or not Obama’s outreach to African Americans would include him going on Soul Train. A very ignorant statement but not surprising from O’Reilly or anyone else on Fox News. What was very disappointing was Dr. Marc Lamont Hill’s reaction to the statement. He seemed more amused than angry or is it just me. Watch the video here: O’Reilly: Will Obama’s black outreach include appearance on Soul Train?

Juan Williams fired by NPR

22 Oct

NPR fired political analyst Juan Williams on Wednesday night over his statement on Fox News that he gets “nervous” whenever he sees people in “Muslim garb” boarding a plane. Use the link below to read NPR’s statement on the firing of Williams and see the “offensive” video: http://aareports.com/2010/10/juan-williams-fired-from-npr-for-anti.html

NAACP on Bill O’Reilly show discussing Tea Party racism

10 Sep

Bill O’Reilly interviewed Hilary Shelton the President of the NAACP Washington Burea about the NAACPs fight against racism in the Tea Party. Watch as O’Reilly spins cpnspiracy theories and tries to put Shelton in the almost impossible spot of defending something inflammatory said by Jeremiah Wright instead of actually defending the Tea Party.


Why I’m ignoring Rush Limbaugh and why you should too

18 Jul

Many Have asked why I have not blogged about any of Rush Limbaugh’s recent radio antics including his statements about the late George Steinbrenner making many African American’s millionaires.

The answer to that question is that I simply don’t want to help this man spew his hate and grow his audience by writing about him. Read more by using the link below: