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6 points Stephen A. Smith should keep in mind when discussing blacks voting republican.

22 Mar

stephen-a-smithStephen A. Smith made news for his receding hairline, naw just joking. Mr. Smith made news for his suggestion that in one election African American should vote republican. He believes and probably correctly so that the democrats take the black vote for granted, and they should be made to earn the black vote. That may be true, but I have a few points that Mr. Smith might want to keep in mind. Read more: http://www.africanamericanreports.com/2015/03/4-points-stephen-smith-should-keep-in.html

Herman Cain full speech ‘I am suspending my presidential campaign’

4 Dec

Herman Cain full speech ‘I am suspending my presidential campaign’

Herman Cain announced he is suspending his campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination. The suspension comes after weeks of scrutiny over alleged sexual misconduct and accusations of an extramarital affair.

Watch that video of his full speech here: Herman Cain full speech ‘I am suspending my presidential campaign’

Interview with BOND, black Tea Party group taking on the NAACP

16 Jul

Interview with BOND, black Tea Party group taking on the NAACP

I recently posted a story about a black tea party group ( BOND ) that was started by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. On July 24 BOND will hold a rally against the NAACP. The post has generated a lot of hits and interest. I decided to reach out to BOND and see if the organization wants to get it’s side of the story. 

Here is their response: http://aareports.com/2011/07/interview-with-bond-black-tea-party.html

F*** Cornel West by George L. Cook III

21 May

I have always had great respect for Princeton Professor Cornel West but in light on his recent comments about President Obama I would like to write what President Obama can’t.

To Cornel West I say F*** YOU! Read more here: http://aareports.com/2011/05/f-cornel-west-by-george-l-cook-iii.html

Video: Charlie Rangel’s first interview since being censured

6 Dec

Video: Charlie Rangel’s first interview since being censured

In his first interview since being censured, Rep. Charlie Rangel talks about the circumstances around that vote on CNN”s State of the Union.

Watch the interview here: http://aareports.com/2010/12/video-charlie-rangels-first-interview.html

Video: Charlie Rangel walks out of ethics hearing

16 Nov

Rangel walks out of ethics hearing
Embattled Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-New York, walked out of his House ethics subcommittee hearing Monday, complaining that he has not had sufficient time to hire a new legal team to respond to corruption allegations. Watch the video here: http://aareports.com/2010/11/video-rangel-walks-out-of-ethics.html

Has Charlie Rangel committed more ethics violations?

14 Nov

Has Charlie Rangel committed more ethics violations?

Congressman Charles Rangel, whose ethics trial starts tomorrow, appears to have improperly used political-action committee money to pay for his defense.

Read more here: http://aareports.com/2010/11/has-charlie-rangel-committed-more.html

Deal reached: James Clyburn gives up bid for democratic party whip

13 Nov

Deal reached: James Clyburn gives up bid for democratic party whip

House Democrats averted a messy leadership struggle, clearing the way for Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer to become second in command of their new minority without a challenge from South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn.

Read more: http://aareports.com/2010/11/deal-reached-james-clyburn-gives-up-bid.html

How republicans recruit black candidates

20 Oct

Check out this satirical short film by George Cook of AAreports.com that touches on the subject on how the republicans have gotten some many black candidates to run under their banner this year. Contact George at gcuse03champs@aol.com

Mark Kirk believes there will be voter fraud in black communities

13 Oct

In another sign that republicans don’t want the black vote and that they really don’t care about African Americans republican congressman Mark Kirk ( Illinois ) says that he will send voter integrity’ squads to four predominately African American neighborhoods of Chicago ‘where the other side might be tempted to jigger the numbers somewhat..

Listen to his statements here: http://aareports.com/2010/10/republican-candidate-believes-there.html