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Video: Black Tea Party’s protest against the NAACP

26 Jul

Video: Black Tea Party’s protest against the NAACP
During the NAACP convention in L.A. members of the South Central Los Angeles Tea Party led by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson let the NAACP’s leaders know how little they think of their agenda, priorities and rhetoric.

Watch the video: http://aareports.com/2011/07/video-black-tea-partys-protest-against.html

Interview with BOND, black Tea Party group taking on the NAACP

16 Jul

Interview with BOND, black Tea Party group taking on the NAACP

I recently posted a story about a black tea party group ( BOND ) that was started by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. On July 24 BOND will hold a rally against the NAACP. The post has generated a lot of hits and interest. I decided to reach out to BOND and see if the organization wants to get it’s side of the story. 

Here is their response: http://aareports.com/2011/07/interview-with-bond-black-tea-party.html

What if you had a black tea party event and not enough blacks showed up

21 Jan

A group of black entrepreneurs, elected officials and constituents has launched its own Tea Party in Houston ( Crispus Attucks Tea Party ). As it turned out, only about half of the 75 people who attended were African American. Read more here: http://aareports.com/2011/01/what-if-you-held-black-tea-party-event.html

Black tea partiers defend movement against racism charges

5 Aug

Black members of the Tea Party defend the movement against charges of racism.

Black members of the tea party movement on Wednesday rejected charges that the group’s activists are racist, saying they oppose President Barack Obama because of his policies not his skin color. Watch the video by using the link below: