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Interview with George Cook author of The Dead War Series Book Two: Abomination

23 Sep

Hi this is George Cook, the author of The Dead War Series. I have released book two in the series, Abomination. I occasionally interview authors of zombie books here on Thedeadwarseries.com so it only makes sense that I interview myself about the new book. Check out my interview below.


TDWS: Let’s get right top it. There is a big surprise at the very beginning of the book. How or why did you come up with that?

George Cook: First let me thank everyone who purchased The Dead War Series: Book One and made it successful. Without those people there would have been no book two.

The surprise at the beginning of Abomination was not part of the original story arch for The Dead War Series. I had planned out how the story of the first three books would go and I ran into the issues with the motivations for certain character’s actions.

If you have read book one you know that some characters seem to be against humanity. I had to come up with a reason, a good reason for their actions. Hence the surprise at the beginning of the book was born.

TDWS: You mentioned characters. Are they all back in Book Two?

George Cook: Oh yes Sergeant Richards, Jackson, Holloway, Smith, Duncan, Blake, Delice etc are all back. There are also new characters and Sgt Jackson’s platoon The Peacemakers are introduced.

Also Sergeant Liu who previously only appeared in the short stories “Zombie Killer” and “Safe Zone” finally shows up in the main story line.

TDWS: How would you compare Book Two to the first book?

George Cook: Book Two is a lot more action oriented with some bigger action sequences than the first book. The horror and suspense element are still there though as the antagonist and protagonist are in a dark hospital full of the living dead. You never know what’s around the corner.

I also tried to insert a little humor to keep things from being so dark. That’s hard though since the whole world has gone to hell.

TDWS: At the end of Book Two we start to see some technology. What’s up with that?

George Cook: LOL. Let’s just say that both sides have things that they don’t want anyone to know about. That will play in big time in Book Three: War.

TDWS: Sergeant Richards seems even more sure of himself this time out. Are we seeing an evolution of the character?

George Cook: I think what you are seeing with the Sergeant Richards character is a man thrown into extraordinary circumstancesy making the choice to rise to them instead of be crushed by them.
As seen in the short story “Safe Zone” he truly believes that mankind can win the war against the dead and now he has a chance to make sure that happens.

TDWS: The entire cast of The Dead War Series is very multi-cultural. Why so?

George Cook: Because the United States is. I hope it doesn’t take a zombie apocalypse to bring us all together but if it does no one will care if the man or woman next to them is black, white, brown, yellow, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, straight or gay. They will only care whether or not you can kick some zombie ass and help ensure their survival.

TDWS: There is another surprise when Sergeant Richards and The Peacemakers finally find the zombie.What comes of that?

George Cook: Nice try, but that wont be divulged until Book Three. All I can say is that the surprise will lead an enemy to reveal themselves more than they wanted to and lead to an all out war at The Rock.

TDWS: So there will be another battle at The Rock?

George Cook: Yes that was planned from the start. I actually made a video back in January 2012 after the first book came out. Watching it now is funny because Book One actually had a different name at the time. Here is some audio from the second battle and this is all the scoop you are going to get.

TDWS: What will you tell us about Book Three: War?

George Cook: There will be much more action, military hardware, and that no character is safe. It will be all out war.

TDWS: When will Book Three: War be released?

George Cook: The week of October 31st of course. LOL.

TDWS: Where can people keep up with you and what’s going on?

George Cook: Of course right here on The Dead War Series Blog. They can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

TDWS: Thanks for the interview and thanks for your time.

George Cook: For you guys anytime.

Buy the Dead War Series Book Two Here At Amazon: The Dead War Series Book Two: Abomination for $1.25

If you haven’t started reading The Dead War Series start with book one for just 99 cents: The Dead War Series Book One

5 Star Review for Alone With The Dead

22 Jul
5 star review for Alone With The Dead

5 star review for Alone With The Dead ( Amazon UK ) More than just a zombie story. 18 July 2012 By Cathy Hudson


I nabbed this while this was a freebie. I’ve never read anything by George L Cook before and was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually enjoyed this. The horror genre has zombie stories emerging from every orifice. However I found this to be more than just another gory shocker. This story centred on the love and strength of a little family unit caught up in a zombie invasion. The horror came from the emotions of the main character as he fought to get his wife and son to a place of safety against all odds. This was only a very short story, 15 minutes tops but I was still thinking about that poor man the next morning. I will be looking out for more from this writer.

Buy for 99 cent’s here: Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008IELZ9U

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008IELZ9U

Scout: Survive The Night. The Dead War Chapter 1 [Kindle Edition]

1 Jan

Scout: Survive The Night. The Dead War Chapter 1 [Kindle Edition]

The dead walk the earth. Mankind has begun to fight back and the Dead War rages on. This is the first chapter in the story of that war. One lone scout must fight his way through Newark NJ and deliver an important message to the US Army HQ. This is the story of his journey.

Just 99 cents: Buy here: Scout: Survive The Night

Check out poems from my new book of poetry, LOVE

25 Nov

Check out poems from my new book of poetry, LOVE

Hi this George Cook. I have written a new Kindle Book titled LOVE. It’s a collection of poems about love, relationships and heartache. There are poems here about love of a spouse or partner, love of a child, love of family, and even the love of your favorite sports team. Below is a free preview of 3 of the poems in the book. LOVE is just $1. You can buy LOVE for $1 here: LOVE FOR KINDLE

If you don’t own a Kindle you can read the book on your computer. You can buy that from Scribd here LOVE for computer

Please read, reflect,enjoy, and give your opinion.


Love is having a partner
that’s your best friend
Love is having a partner
that’s there to the end

Love is having a partner
that knows it’s about being there
Love is having a partner
that’s knows not to talk just hear

Love is having a partner
that makes you feel better on a bad day
Love is having a partner
that knows exactly what to say

Love is having a partner
that understands you
Love is having a partner
that you are happy that said “I do”

Love is
What I have.

George L. Cook III 2010

Because I’m Daddy
I will be there to protect you
I will look over you
No matter what you do

You are my child
I know at times you don’t need me
I know you need your space for awhile

I understand that you are growing up
Developing a life of your own
But I’m still going to watch over you’re butt

Even when your grown
you know about 30 or 35
I’ll still consider you my own

It’s because I only want to see you happy
I know I can be pest at times
But hey, I’m your daddy

George L. Cook III 2010


Anyone: I couldn’t love Anyone but you

Beautiful: There is no one as Beautiful as you

Commitment: I am so glad we made a Commitment when we said I do

George L. Cook III

That’s the preview. Let me know what you think and if you like what you have read you can buy LOVE for $1 here: LOVE FOR KINDLE

If you don’t own a Kindle you can read the book on your computer. You can buy that from Scribd here LOVE for computer