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Marcus Smart was wrong but so was the fan.

9 Feb

Marcus Smart was wrong but so was the fan.

Let me make one thing very clear. Oklahoma State basketball player Marcus Smart was dead wrong for putting his hand on a Texas Tech fan during a game on Feb. 8. But what saddens me is the pass that the fan who instigated the incident seems to be getting. The fact that the fan, Jeff Orr has been accused of using racial slurs has been downplayed while Marcus Smart’s character and basketball future has been questioned. – See more at: http://aareports.com/2014/02/marcus-smart-was-wrong-but-so-was-fan.html

Grambling University and 10 other HBCUs banned from 2013/2014 postseason due to academics

13 Jun

Grambling University and 10 other HBCUs banned from 2013/2014 postseason due to academics

It may seem like I’m picking on HBCUs this week but I’m not. I’m trying to make everyone aware of the serious plight that they are in. These schools have seen thousands of African Americans go through them and for many then and now it’s the only they can afford to go to college. We need to be aware of any problem before it can be fixed. Fact is HBCUs are in trouble whether we want to admit it or not. One day we will look around and wonder where most of them went. George Cook AAreports.com.

Read more here: http://aareports.com/2013/06/grambling-university-and-10-other-hbcus.html

5’4″ walk-on player gets basketball scholarship.

12 Sep

5’4″ walk-on player gets basketball scholarship.

This is a story that makes me smile as someone that’s 5’5″ AND A HALF ( that half is important people ). Eric Valentine a walk-on to the basketball team at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay worked hard and overcame all odds to win a full scholarship for this year. Watch the video here: http://aareports.com/2011/09/54-walk-on-playr-gets-basketball.html

Grant Hill responds to being called an “Uncle Tom”

17 Mar

This past Sunday Night ESPN aired the documentary ” The Fab Five,” During the film Jalen Rose a member of the Fab Five the films’s executive producer, said that Duke recruited only black players he considered to be “Uncle Toms.”.

Check out Grant Hills classy reply and subtle dig at the Fab Five: http://aareports.com/2011/03/grant-hill-responds-to-being-called.html