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Negrotown by Key & Peele

10 May


Check out Key and Peele’s already classic skit titled Negrotown, that tackles the issue of police abuse many African American men face in a funny and thought provoking. WARNING: Video does contain adult language. – See more at: http://www.africanamericanreports.com/2015/05/negrotown-by-key-peele.html

‘SNL’ and Kerry Washington Mock Show’s Lack of Black Women

3 Nov

With Kerry Washington as guest host, “Saturday Night Live” wasted no time poking fun at itself after receiving criticism for having no black women among its 16 regular cast members. The sketch also slips in a surprise guest at the end. Watch the sketch at: http://aareports.com/2013/11/snl-and-kerry-washington-mock-shows.html


10 things for birthers to believe in now

29 Apr

My heart goes out to people who have spent two years of their lives believing in the BS that is birtherism. We feel their pain knowing that in the eyes of everyone who is even half way sane that the birther BS has been laid to rest. But what will birthers believe in now? I have 10 things for them to hook their conspiracy wagons to here: http://aareports.com/2011/04/10-things-for-birthers-to-believe-in.html

How republicans recruit black candidates

20 Oct

Check out this satirical short film by George Cook of AAreports.com that touches on the subject on how the republicans have gotten some many black candidates to run under their banner this year. Contact George at gcuse03champs@aol.com