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Terror babies are coming! Be afraid, be very afraid!

16 Aug

Congressmen Louie Gohmert of Texas would have us all believe that foreign terrorist are coming here to have babies who would be US citizens. The idea being that when those babies grow up they would then blow us all to hell. Of course he has no proof but never let the facts get in the way of demagoguery.

On the surface this is a premise so crazy that even Glenn Beck would raise an eyebrow and say “WTF!”

But if you drink a twelve pack of beer and think about it you see the serious flaws in Gohmert’s thinking.

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Black man shot in head and then dragged down road in alleged hate crime

6 Jun

Black man shot in head and then dragged down road in alleged hate crime:

In an incident reminiscent of the 1998 slaying of James Byrd, the FBI, state and local police are trying to determine whether a hate crime was committed when Gregory Collins, a white man allegedly shot Anthony Hill a black man to death and then dragged his body for about 10 miles behind his pickup. Read more by using the link below: