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Why the tragic murders of Trayvon Martin and Christopher Lane are not the same.

24 Aug

Why the tragic murders of Trayvon Martin and Christopher Lane are not the same.

Sadly some conservative talking heads like Glenn Beck have tried to inject race into the tragic death of Christopher Lane. They have done this although authorities says all evidence points to a thrill killing. They are asking why Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are not getting involved. That very questions shows that they have no idead what the Trayvon Martin case was all about for many African Americans. Here are my reasons as to why the two cases are very different. – See more at: http://aareports.com/2013/08/why-tragic-murders-of-trayvon-martin.html

Who is the most influential radio show host in Black America?

17 Aug

Who is the most influential radio show host in Black America?

Black Radio has always been a very powerful voice in modern Black America. In the past it has been a source of information and a galvanizing force when it came to the civil rights movement. Who do you think is the most influential radio host in black radio today? Cast your vote here:


Who the hell chooses black leaders anyway?

7 Jan

This question came to me after a group of “black leaders” got together and worked it out so that Carol Moseley Braun would be the consensus black candidate in the Chicago mayoral race. Read more and give your opinion : http://aareports.com/2011/01/just-who-hell-chooses-black-leaders.html

The reinvention of Al Sharpton

25 Jul

The reinvention of Al Sharpton

Why the indefatigable Al Sharpton still has work to do. And what his evolution tells us about race and politics in Obama’s America.

Read more: http://aareports.com/2010/07/reinvention-of-al-sharpton.html

Sign the NAACP Pledge against Hate

16 Jul

After speaking out against racist acts committed by fringe members of the Tea Party, the NAACP is under harsh criticism by its opponents. I just signed a pledge to stand up against hate and show my support for the NAACP — you should too.


Defending the NAACP against the Tea Party and Fox News

15 Jul

While you can legitmately make the argument that the NAACP has other issues to deal with besides bigotry and hatred in the Tea Party Movement. What you can’t do is make it seem as if the NAACP is irrelevant and does nothing in Black Communities as some have in an effort to defend the Tea Party.

Read more here:

Lebron James, Rev Jackson, NBA, racism, $100, 000 fines, David Stern & Dan Gilbert

13 Jul

Lebron James, Rev Jackson, racism, $100, 000 fines, David Stern & Dan Gilbert:

This whole Lebron James situation has gotten crazy. Lebron left for Miami. Cleveland Caviliers owner Dan Gilbert wrote a nasty letter about him, Jesse Jackson chimed in using the phrase runaway slave and NBA Commissioner David Stern has now had to fine Gilbert $100,000 and speak on Jesse Jackson’s comments. Whew. Read more: