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Did the Miami Heat lose games to avoid playing the Bulls or Nets?

16 Apr

Did the Miami Heat lose games to avoid playing the Bulls or Nets?

Miami Heat or the Brooklyn Nets. Now the same people who believe that probably believe in UFO’s, Big Foot, that Tupac is still alive, and that WWE Wrestling is real. (they could be right about that last one)

They claim that since both the Nets and Bulls have winning records against the Heat that Miami is trying to avoid both teams in the second round of the playoffs.

– See more at: http://aareports.com/2014/04/did-miami-heat-lose-games-to-avoid.html


18 May

Dwyane Wade surprises teen at senior prom


Nicole Muxo, the South Florida teen who created a YouTube video asking Dwyane Wade to her high school prom, had her wish come true. The NBA superstar surprised her by showing up at her prom. Way to go Mr. Wade. Watch the video here: http://aareports.com/2013/05/dwyane-wade-surprises-teen-at-senior.html

Why I strongly dislike the Miami Heat

14 Jun

Many right now are rooting against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals for various reasons. Click the link below to read my piece on why I personally don’t like the Miami Heat: http://aareports.com/2012/06/why-i-strongly-dislike-miami-heat.html

Open letter from Dan Gilbert owner of the Cleveland Caviliers to Cavs fans

9 Jul

Whoa check out this letter from Dan Gilbert the owner of the Cleveland Caviliers to the people of Cleveland about Lebron James leaving town. This is one of the longest ways to say !@#$ you Lebron you may read today.

Read the letter here: http://www.lebronwatch.com/2010/07/cleveland-caviliers-owner-dan-gilberts.html

Is the Lebron James hype going too far?

9 Jul

If you are like me you have been following the where will Lebron go saga relentlessly since July 1. I love it and don’t blame Lebron one bit for wallowing in all the attention. Hell I would. ( yes, I’m that shallow ) But after I heard about the ESPN special to announce where he was going even I had to raise an eyebrow. Read more by using the link below:


Wade leaning toward Chicago. If he goes there will Lebron follow?

3 Jul

Wade leaning toward Chicago. If he goes there will Lebron follow?


Lebron , Wade, Bosh mini summit never happened????

30 Jun

Lebron , Wade, Bosh mini summit never happened????

Many news sources have reported that there was a mini summit of Wade, Lebron, and Bosh in Miami  but reps for Dwayne Wade claim that he was in Chicago at the time of the supposeed meeting.

Read more: http://www.lebronwatch.com/2010/06/wade-lebron-bosh-summit-did-not-happen.html

Where do Hip Hop stars think Lebron will land next year.

29 Jun
Where Hip Hop stars think Lebron will land.
Many seek to get any insight on where Lebron will wind up. But you have forgotten that one undeniable source of basketball wisdom. Your favorite rapper. Check out this article which rapper like Drake, The Game, and Fat Joe ( Yes he’s still alive.. ) talk about where they think Lebron will land.

You want Lebron. Your’e gonna have to come to him.

27 Jun

You want Lebron. Your’e gonna have to come to him

According to an article on ESPN.com Lebron James will not be flying around the country to be courted by NBA teams. That’s right if you want to kiss ” King James ” royal ass you are going to have to come tho him and beg him to join your sad sack franchise.

Read more: http://www.lebronwatch.com/2010/06/you-want-lebron-youre-gonna-have-to.html

6 reasons Lebron James will wind up in Miami

26 Jun
5 reasons Lebron James will wind up in Miami:
After reading much about all of the scenarios out there of where Lebron James will wind up and drinking a few Heinekens we geniuses at lebronwatch.com came up with our own ideas why he will wind up in Miami. Read our brilliant reasons here: