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Chioma Gray missing since 2007 is home!

9 Oct

Chioma Gray missing since 2007 is home!

The teenager went missing in 2007 and was believed to have been abducted by her boyfriend. This is some of the best news I have heard in a long time as her story was the first ever missing black woman story I posted on my old web site letstalkhonestly.com.  Read more:


Missing woman: Cherice Ragins is missing!

17 Aug

Missing woman: Cherice Ragins is missing!

Baltimore county Police need your help to find a missing woman.
24-year-old Cherice Ragins was last seen February 21 in the Catonsville area.

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Ruth Carter is missing!

1 Jun

Ruth Carter is missing

21 year old college student Ruth Carter is missing in New Orleans. Use the link below to see her picture and read more on her story:


Missing Black Woman Alert! Jacquelyn Williams is missing

20 Feb

Missing Black Woman Alert!  Jacquelyn Williams is missing

African American Reports: Missing Black Women Jacquelyn Williams of Georgia is missing.

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Missing Black Woman Alert: Phylicia Barnes is missing

4 Jan

Missing Black Woman Alert: Phylicia Barnes is missing!

Phylicia Barnes is missing! While visiting in Baltimore 16 year old Phylicia Banes is missing.

Read more here: http://aareports.com/p/missing-black-women.html