Mitt Romney booed at NAACP convention

12 Jul

Mitt Romney booed at NAACP convention

During his speech at this years NAACP Convention in Houston Mitt Romney was booed by the audience when he mentioned repealing Obamacare. This is some what of a surprise when you consider that the NAACP audience is normally quite quiet ( okay very quiet ) , polite, and reserved when republican candidates speak to them. To be honest after listening to his speech I don’t know how the audience stayed awake long enough to boo. Watch the audience boo him here: Mitt Romney booed

Eric Holder calls voter ID laws Poll taxes.

11 Jul

Eric Holder calls voter ID laws Poll taxes.

During a speech at this years NAACP Convention Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed all the BS republican / conservative semantics and called voter ID laws what they really are, poll taxes. Listen to his statements here: Eric Holder calls voter ID laws Poll taxes

Mitt Romney to speak at NAACP convention

21 Jun

Mitt Romney will address the NAACP in July at their annual convention. Romney better be careful. In today’s GOP going to a NAACP convention is called giving one group special treatment…LOL. George Cook AAreports.com

Read more about Mitt Romney and the NAACP Convention here: http://aareports.com/2012/06/mitt-romney-to-speak-at-naacp.html

Video: Black Tea Party’s protest against the NAACP

26 Jul

Video: Black Tea Party’s protest against the NAACP
During the NAACP convention in L.A. members of the South Central Los Angeles Tea Party led by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson let the NAACP’s leaders know how little they think of their agenda, priorities and rhetoric.

Watch the video: http://aareports.com/2011/07/video-black-tea-partys-protest-against.html

Sign the NAACP Pledge against Hate

16 Jul

After speaking out against racist acts committed by fringe members of the Tea Party, the NAACP is under harsh criticism by its opponents. I just signed a pledge to stand up against hate and show my support for the NAACP — you should too.


Defending the NAACP against the Tea Party and Fox News

15 Jul

While you can legitmately make the argument that the NAACP has other issues to deal with besides bigotry and hatred in the Tea Party Movement. What you can’t do is make it seem as if the NAACP is irrelevant and does nothing in Black Communities as some have in an effort to defend the Tea Party.

Read more here:

Video: Michelle Obama’s speech at 101st NAACP Convention

14 Jul

Video: Michelle Obama’s speech at 101st NAACP Convention.

Watch the video by using the link below: