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President Obama’s plan to lower college cost.

28 Jan

President Obama’s plan to lower college cost.

During Tuesdays State of the Union Address President Obama said that he would tackle the issue of rising college tuition cost. Read his plan here: http://aareports.com/2012/01/president-obamas-plan-to-lower-college.html

Conservatives angry over Pell Grant funding in Boehner debt bill

29 Jul

Conservatives angry over Pell Grant funding in Boehner debt bill

House conservatives who have stalled legislation to raise the national debt limit are angry that it includes $17 billion in supplemental spending for Pell Grants, which some compare to welfare.

Read more: http://aareports.com/2011/07/conservatives-angry-over-pell-grant.html

Pres. Obama protects Pell Grants & Head Start from budget cuts

13 Apr

Pres. Obama protect Pell Grants & Head Start from budget cuts

President Obama put his money where his mouth is when it comes to the importance of education & made sure that Pell Grants and Head Start Programs were untouched in this round of budget cuts.

Read more: http://aareports.com/2011/04/obama-saves-education-from-budget-cuts.html

GOP 2012 budget motto: !@#$ the poor!

11 Apr

GOP 2012 budget motto: !@#$ the poor!

You can post this in the !@#$ that happens when people don’t come out and vote file. Many who will be affected by these cuts did not come out to vote in 2010. Now sadly in 2011 and headed into 2012 they will feel the consequences of that decision. There could be cuts to things like Head Start, Pell Grants, and public housing. Read more here: http://aareports.com/2011/04/gop-2012-budget-motto-poor.html

Obama to seek changes in Pell Grants

13 Feb

Obama to seek changes in Pell Grants

I fully support President Obama but I think we should all pay attention to what is going on. Pell Grants help many low income African Americans  through college and any changes could potentially be devastating to future black college applicants.

Read more about the changes here: http://aareports.com/2011/02/obama-to-seek-changes-in-pell-grants.html