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Tape of beating leads to charges against Philadelphia officers

8 Feb

Police in a patrol car chase down a man on a scooter. The car stops, and two officers get out and beat the man with their fists and batons. His orbital bone fractures and he suffers lacerations on his head, yet he is the one who is charged with aggravated assault. This week, the tables turned when a surveillance video from a nearby store led to charges of aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy and filing false reports – See more at: http://www.africanamericanreports.com/2015/02/tape-of-beating-leads-to-charges.html


Missing woman: Cherice Ragins is missing!

17 Aug

Missing woman: Cherice Ragins is missing!

Baltimore county Police need your help to find a missing woman.
24-year-old Cherice Ragins was last seen February 21 in the Catonsville area.

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Philly Mayor Michael Nutter blast black youth and their parents in his city

15 Aug

Philly Mayor Michael Nutter blast black youth and their parents in his city

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has had enough of flash mobs of black youth attacking innocent people. At his own church he gave a speech in which he laid the law down to both black youth and their parents. He tells these youth that they have let down their own race. Listen to a 14 minute excerpt of that speech here:  http://aareports.com/2011/08/philly-mayor-michael-nutter-blast-black.html

Black mayors struggling in post racial America

25 Sep

Many thought that being a black elected official in a “post-racial” society would be great. But for black mayors of large cities it has not been a great time. Adrian Fenty begun the process of fixing Washington DC and for his efforts lost his primary race. Dave Bing of Detroit has been accused of a racial cleaning. Some in Philadelphia are challenging Michael Nutter’s “blackness”, and Cory Booker has lowered the murder rate in Newark NJ and gotten back control of the Newark School system from the state and he is as popular as a black man at a KKK rally. What’s going on here?

 Read a great article from the Washington Post by using the link below on this very subject.