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Teen who filmed McKinney pool party takedown video speaks out

9 Jun

The teen boy who recorded the now-infamous McKinney pool party take down by Cpl. Eric Casebolt video spoke to a local television station Monday. Watch that interview at: http://www.africanamericanreports.com/2015/06/teen-who-filmed-mckinney-pool-party.html

ANOTHER white South Carolina police officer arrested for killing an unarmed black man.

9 Apr

ANOTHER white South Carolina police officer arrested for killing an unarmed black man.


I’m sure by now that you have all seen the tragic shooting death of Walter Scott by the hands of a South Carolina police officer. That officer, was charged with murder. Just one day later another South Carolina officer from North Augusta has been arrested and charged in the murder of another unarmed black man, Ernest Satterwhite who was parked in his own driveway.

Read more: http://www.africanamericanreports.com/2015/04/another-white-south-carolina-police.html

Black Lives Matter: Have you heard the case of Brittany Overstreet

1 Mar

Brittany-Overstreet-2The 17-year-old, Brittany Overstreet claims she was beaten by a school resource officer over a false allegation that she was carrying mace. When searching for the mace there was an altercation that left her with a broken jaw and other injuries. No mace was found and to top it off Brittany was the one charged with attacking the officer. – See more at: http://www.africanamericanreports.com/2015/03/black-lives-matter-have-you-heard-case.html

Tape of beating leads to charges against Philadelphia officers

8 Feb

Police in a patrol car chase down a man on a scooter. The car stops, and two officers get out and beat the man with their fists and batons. His orbital bone fractures and he suffers lacerations on his head, yet he is the one who is charged with aggravated assault. This week, the tables turned when a surveillance video from a nearby store led to charges of aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy and filing false reports – See more at: http://www.africanamericanreports.com/2015/02/tape-of-beating-leads-to-charges.html


Is Chris Dorner a hero?

10 Feb

Is Chris Dorner a hero?


In the days since Chris Jordan Dorner killed three people including one police officer he has become a kind of folk hero on both Facebook and Twitter. Let me state I DO NOT CONDONE Mr. Dorner’s actions in anyway shape or form but I find it very interesting that others do. Do you think he is a hero? Read more and take a poll here: http://aareports.com/2013/02/is-chris-jordan-dorner-hero.html

Woman ( Alesia Thomas ) dies after violent arrest by LAPD

2 Sep

Woman ( Alesia Thomas ) dies after violent arrest by LAPD

At least five police officers are under investigation after a woman, Alesia Thomas died during a violent arrest in which an officer kicked her genitals, police officials said. Thomas died on July 22. Watch the video here: http://aareports.com/2012/09/woman-alesia-thomas-dies-after-violent.html

Johnnes Mehserle: Police officer in BART shooting sentenced to 2 years

6 Nov

Police officer in BART shooting sentenced to 2 years

Johannes Mehserle the officer who shot Oscar Grant has been sentenced to the lowest possible sentence he could be given. Just two years.

Learn more here: http://aareports.com/2010/11/johannes-mehserle-officer-in-bart.html

NY Gov. Paterson Signs Law Limiting NYPD Stop-Frisk Database

17 Jul

NY Gov. Paterson Signs Law Limiting NYPD Stop-Frisk Database

Gov. David Paterson signed legislation Friday that would stop New York City police from storing the names of hundreds of thousands of people who were stopped and frisked without facing charges, calling the practice “not a policy for a democracy.”


Riots in San Francisco after BART police shooting verdict

10 Jul

Riots in San Francisco after police shooting verdict

Police clashed with protesters who looted businesses and smashed windows in Oakland, California after a white policeman Johannes Mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the videotaped shooting death of an unarmed black man, Oscar Grant on an Oakland train platform. Watch video on this story by using the link below:


7 year old girl killed by Detroit Police during home raid

17 May

 7 year old girl killed by Detriot Police during raid on home:

Aiyana Jones was shot and killed by police executing a search warrant as part of a homicide investigation, Assistant Chief Ralph Godbee said in a statement.

“This is any parent’s worst nightmare,” Godbee said. “It also is any police officer’s worst nightmare. And today, it is all too real.”

Read the entire story here;