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Video: Common’s poem a Letter to the Law

12 May

Video: Common’s poem a Letter to the Law

There has been a made up controversy about the rapper and poet Common AKA Lonnie Rashid Lynn being invited to the White House based on a supposedly racist and violent poem he wrote and performed in 2007. Those who criticize first need to look up the word metaphor and then actually listen to the poem. Watch Common recite his poem: http://aareports.com/2011/05/video-commons-poem-letter-to-law.html


Where do Hip Hop stars think Lebron will land next year.

29 Jun
Where Hip Hop stars think Lebron will land.
Many seek to get any insight on where Lebron will wind up. But you have forgotten that one undeniable source of basketball wisdom. Your favorite rapper. Check out this article which rapper like Drake, The Game, and Fat Joe ( Yes he’s still alive.. ) talk about where they think Lebron will land.