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THOMPSON: A Free Dead War Series Short Story

29 Dec

THOMPSON: A Free Dead War Series Short Story

THOMPSON takes place during the events of The Dead War Series Book One. For a brief moment the two stories actually intersect with a character that you might recognize from book one although that character is not actually named in THOMPSON. I wrote Thompson because I noticed that there were a lack of strong and heroic women in book one. That was later corrected in books two and three with the addition of Gabbard and Sgt. Manning. I hope that you enjoy this short story. If you have read book one it should fill in a gap for you about a particular scene and if you have not I hope it gets you to want to check out book one. – See more at: http://www.thedeadwarseries.com/2013/12/thompson-free-dead-war-series-short.html 

A few minutes in the zombie apocalypse

2 Jun

ImageLive a few minutes with Sgt Richards, the hero of The Dead War Trilogy fighting against the living dead in the year 2055.

5 Star Review for Alone With The Dead

22 Jul
5 star review for Alone With The Dead

5 star review for Alone With The Dead ( Amazon UK ) More than just a zombie story. 18 July 2012 By Cathy Hudson


I nabbed this while this was a freebie. I’ve never read anything by George L Cook before and was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually enjoyed this. The horror genre has zombie stories emerging from every orifice. However I found this to be more than just another gory shocker. This story centred on the love and strength of a little family unit caught up in a zombie invasion. The horror came from the emotions of the main character as he fought to get his wife and son to a place of safety against all odds. This was only a very short story, 15 minutes tops but I was still thinking about that poor man the next morning. I will be looking out for more from this writer.

Buy for 99 cent’s here: Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008IELZ9U

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008IELZ9U

Alone with the Dead. Could you kill a loved one to keep a promise to them?

8 Jul

Hi this is George Cook and I would like to introduce my latest short story, Alone with the Dead.

This story ask a very simple question. Could you keep a promise to a loved one even if it involved killing them. Could you keep that promise whether they were alive or dead?

Here’s an excerpt from the very beginning of Alone with the Dead:

John’s hands shook violently as he sat alone in the corner of the dark room. He tried to stop them. He tried to wipe of the blood on them with his shirt. It just wouldn’t seem to go away no matter how hard he wiped.

He mumbled constantly to himself as tears poured from his eyes. He had told his family that it would be alright. He had told them that they could make it across the street to the car if they all stayed together and moved quickly.

He was wrong.

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Could you kill a loved one to keep a promise to them?