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Lawsuit alleges Al Sharpton paid to keep quiet about lack of black TV programming

24 Feb

alsharpton_vertical.grid-4x2Lawsuit alleges Al Sharpton paid to keep quiet about lack of black TV programming – See more at: http://www.africanamericanreports.com/2015/02/lawsuit-alleges-al-sharpton-paid-to.html#sthash.BFETDh8y.dpuf

HBO Acquires ‘3 1/2 Minutes’ Doc on Jordan Davis Shooting

1 Feb

HBO Acquires ‘3 1/2 Minutes’ Doc on Jordan Davis Shooting

HBO has licensed U.S. television rights to director Marc Silver’s “3 1/2 Minutes,”. The film centers on the 2012 shooting death of black teenager Jordan Davis at a Florida gas station and the subsequent trial of his killer, Michael Dunn. – Learn more and see the movie trailer at: http://www.africanamericanreports.com/2015/01/hbo-acquires-3-12-minutes-doc-on-jordan.html


‘SNL’ and Kerry Washington Mock Show’s Lack of Black Women

3 Nov

With Kerry Washington as guest host, “Saturday Night Live” wasted no time poking fun at itself after receiving criticism for having no black women among its 16 regular cast members. The sketch also slips in a surprise guest at the end. Watch the sketch at: http://aareports.com/2013/11/snl-and-kerry-washington-mock-shows.html


Did Charles Barkley go to far with slavery joke?

29 Dec

Did Charles Barkley go to far with slavery joke?

Anyone who watches Inside the NBA with Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, and newcomer Shaquille Oneal knows that at anytime anything can and will be said. When asked who his favorite president was Charles Barkley said Abraham Lincoln. The way he expressed it seems to have caused a minor controversy. Ernie Johnson’s reaction of not knowing how to react is priceless.Do you think that Charles went to far this time or was he just joking. Watch the clip here: http://aareports.com/2012/12/did-charles-barkley-go-to-far-with.html

Cops: Man shoots girlfriend over ‘Walking Dead’ argument

6 Dec

Cops: Man shoots girlfriend over ‘Walking Dead’ argument


Here is one from the WTF file. After an argument about what could cause a zombie apocalypse a man shot his girlfriend when she came to apologize the next day. I am not making this sh** up. Read more here: http://www.thedeadwarseries.com/2012/12/cops-man-shoots-girlfriend-over-walking.html


29 Nov

First look at Tyreese in The Walking Dead

Check out this international trailer for the upcoming mid-season finale of The Walking Dead which features Chad Coleman as fan favorite Tyreese.

Watch it here:



28 Jun


Magic Johnson launches Aspire network


 Lakers basketball legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson on Wednesday launched cable television network, Aspire, focused on African-American programming.

Read more: http://aareports.com/2012/06/magic-johnson-launches-aspire-network.html

ESPN removes Hank Williams Jr from MNF for comparing Pres. Obama to Hitler

4 Oct

The Hank Williams Jr. song that has opened Monday Night Football for 20 years will not be part of the opening of this week’s Indianapolis-Tampa Bay game after Williams made controversial comments about President Barack Obama. Williams compared Obama to Adolf Hitler on Fox News. Watch more: http://aareports.com/2011/10/espn-removes-hank-williams-from-mnf-for.html

It’s official Rev. Al Sharpton to host 6 PM show ‘PoliticsNation’ on MSNBC

24 Aug

It’s official Rev. Al Sharpton to host 6 PM show ‘PoliticsNation’ on MSNBC

Glenn Beck declines to debate Van Jones: What he said, what he really meant

22 Jun

Glenn Beck has declined Van Jones challenge to a debate. He made a statement about his refusal which may appease his supporters but it’s not good enough for me. I put it through my patented BS translator and it spat out what he really meant to say. Read that translation here: http://aareports.com/2011/06/glenn-beck-declines-to-debate-van-jones.html