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Last transmission of US Govt. during zombie apocalypse.

26 May

Last transmission of the US Government during the zombie apocalypse before the start of the Dead War. Buy the Dead War Series: Book 1 here: The Dead War Series: Book 1 $1.50 for your kindle

Scout Survive The Night: The Dead War Series Book Trailer

9 Jan

Trailer for my new book Scout Survive The Night: Chapter 1 The Dead War Series available at Amazon for 99 cents: http://www.amazon.com/Scout-Survive-Night-Chapter-ebook/dp/B006RY6JSU/

Scout: Survive The Night. The Dead War Chapter 1 [Kindle Edition]

1 Jan

Scout: Survive The Night. The Dead War Chapter 1 [Kindle Edition]

The dead walk the earth. Mankind has begun to fight back and the Dead War rages on. This is the first chapter in the story of that war. One lone scout must fight his way through Newark NJ and deliver an important message to the US Army HQ. This is the story of his journey.

Just 99 cents: Buy here: Scout: Survive The Night