Would boycotting Orlando help to change “Stand Your Ground” Law?

4 Apr

Would boycotting Orlando help to change “Stand Your Ground” Law?


In the weeks since the tragic and unnecessary death of Trayvon Martin there have been suggestions to simply boycott Florida. I don’t know if boycotting an entire state is possible but boycotting Orlando ( Disney World, Universal Studios, etc. ) has been another suggestion that has been floated out there. This would definitely hurt Florida’s economy. The question is would it hurt it enough to make state law makers change the stand your ground law and would people actually support the boycott?

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43 NAACP Image Awards Winners

18 Feb

43 NAACP Image Awards Winners

Complete list of the 43 NAACP Image Award winners. Winners include LL Cool J, Cee-Lo Green, Laurence Fishbourne, Kirk Franklin, BET, and movies such as The Help And Jumping the Broom. Read the list here: Complete list 43 Image Award Winners