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Toya Graham, Baltimore Mom Who Smacked Son For Rioting Speaks Out

30 Apr

982876-thumb-288xauto-848722Toya Graham, the mother who was caught on video smacking her son after witnessing him throwing objects at officers spoke to CBS News. Check out her interview – See more at:

Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake press conference on riots

28 Apr

It took five hours but Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake finally held a press conference addressing the riots going on in her city. She announced a curfew and referred to the protesters as thugs. Watch her full press conference. watch the video:

Baltimore Mayor, Freddie Gray’s sister condemn violent protests in city

26 Apr

879Suspect Dies BaltimoreBaltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Freddie Gray’s sister Fredrica Gray made a plea for violence to stop in Baltimore. – See more at:

Michael Eric Dyson Deems His Public Critique Of Cornel West ‘Vital And Necessary’

23 Apr

Cornel West

Michael Eric Dyson joined HuffPost Live on Tuesday and explained why hispublic takedown of Cornel West, published this week in The New Republic, was “necessary,” despite the “sense of hurt” that came with his break with the Princeton professor. Watch Dyson defend his positions he took in the New Republic Piece. Read more:

Town elects first black mayor, police force resigns.

21 Apr

Most of the police force and several officials resigned after the small town of Parma, Missouri elected its first African American woman, Tyrus Byrd, as mayor. – See more at:

Should Spike Lee title his next movie about the violence in Chicago “Chiraq”

19 Apr


Director Spike Lee is making a new film for Amazon studios which has already become the focus for controversy for it’s working title, “Chiraq”. The movie will focus on the Chicago community of Englewood and the “black on black violence that occurs there. Some in Chicago including Mayor Emanuel are not happy about the title. Some believe that it negatively portrays the city and in some way endorses the violence while others believe that it describes the state of violence in the city right now. What do you think about the title? Should Spike Lee keep it or drop it out of respect for those in Chicago against the use of that title and that have to live with the violence everyday? Cast your vote here:

President Obama on Loretta Lynch Delay: ‘This is Embarrassing’

18 Apr

Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder
President Obama got impatient as he expressed his disappointment with Senate Republicans’ delay of Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch’s confirmation. Read more: