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Texas group to offer scholarships to white men only

27 Feb

A new Texas non-profit  called the Former Majority Association for Equality plans to extend scholarship support to those they say are undersupported in higher education: white men. Read more:

State orders Detroit to close half its schools

22 Feb

State orders Detroit to close half  its schools

Michigan state education officials have ordered Robert Bobb (  Detroit district emergency financial manager ) to immediately implement a financial restructuring plan that balances the district’s books by closing half of its schools, swelling high school class sizes to 60 students and consolidating operations.

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Missing Black Woman Alert! Jacquelyn Williams is missing

20 Feb

Missing Black Woman Alert!  Jacquelyn Williams is missing

African American Reports: Missing Black Women Jacquelyn Williams of Georgia is missing.

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Justice in Jeopardy: Black Farmers Face New Troubles

19 Feb

Justice in Jeopardy: Black Farmers Face New Troubles

Despite President Obama’s recent signature on landmark civil rights legislation, many black farmers seeking justice for decades of discrimination may miss their chance, according to John Boyd, founder and president of the National Black Farmers Association.

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Andrew Breitbart’s portraying Michelle Obama as mean & fat.

15 Feb

Andrew Breitbart’s portraying Michelle Obama as mean & fat.
You have to see this disrespectful cartoon to believe it:

Video: Allen West keynote speech at CPAC conference

14 Feb

Video: Allen West keynote speech at CPAC conference

Check out this speech from freshman congressman Allen West of Florida. It’s the closing keynote speech at the 2011 CPAC ( Conservative Political Action Conference )conference and because of it some are wondering if Mr. West should connsider running for president in 2012.

Watch the speech here:

Obama to seek changes in Pell Grants

13 Feb

Obama to seek changes in Pell Grants

I fully support President Obama but I think we should all pay attention to what is going on. Pell Grants help many low income African Americans  through college and any changes could potentially be devastating to future black college applicants.

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The real problem with the Pepsi Max Superbowl commercial

10 Feb

The real problem with the Pepsi Max ad

Many are not happy with the way the Pepsi Max ad aired during the Superbowl negatively portrayed black women. But shouldn’t just as many be upset that the commercial was making light of domestic  violence/ Spousal abuse?

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Viideo: Obama & O’Reilly pre Superbowl interview

7 Feb

During a pre game interview President Obama took questions from Fox News personality Bil O’Reilly on such topics as the situation in Egypt and the future of Obama’s healthcare plan. Watch the video here:

Black History Month: Black History Makers

5 Feb

We will all hear about Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Malcom X during the month of February but there were many other African Americans that contributed to black history. I will update this post daily with links to sites featuring information about African American history makers that you may never have heard of.

Feb 3  Hiram Revels: First black United States Senator

Feb 4   Ralph Bunche:  First African American to win Nobel Peace Prize

Feb 5 Earl Lloyd: First African American to play in the NBA

Feb 6 : Jean Baptiste Point du Sable founder of Chicago

Feb 7 Benjamin Oliver Davis first black US Army General:

Feb 8 Guion Bluford First Black Astronaut

Feb 9 Ebenezer Basset First Black US Diplomat

Feb 10 Gwendolyn Brooks first African American to win Pulitzer Prize:

Feb 13/14 Count Basie First Black Grammy Winner: