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Obama vs Cain: Who gets the majority of the black vote

15 Oct

In a hypothetical matchup between Obama and Cain who gets majority if the black vote?

 With Herman Cain surging in the polls it’s possible although not very probable that he could face President Obama in 2012. In that matchup who do you think would get the majority of the black vote? Vote here:

President Obama Presents American Jobs Act Sept. 8, 2011 speech

9 Sep

President Obama Presents American Jobs Act Sept. 8, 2011 speech

In what may be President Obama’s best speech as President of the United States the president delivered in plain and clear langauge his jobs plan, the American Jobs Act. Watch his entire speech here:

Glenn Beck declines to debate Van Jones: What he said, what he really meant

22 Jun

Glenn Beck has declined Van Jones challenge to a debate. He made a statement about his refusal which may appease his supporters but it’s not good enough for me. I put it through my patented BS translator and it spat out what he really meant to say. Read that translation here:

Van Jones challenges Glenn Beck to a debate

21 Jun

It seems as if Van Jones is pulling Glenn Beck’s punk card by challenging him to a debate. Will Mr. Beck man up and up and accept this challenge or will he act like a punk and continue to snipe away from a safe distance? Well Mr. Beck all eyes and ears are on you. Listen to Mr. Jones challenge here:

Black male unemployment rate at 17.5 %

20 Jun

Black male unemployment rate at 17.5 %.

Historically, the unemployment rate for African Americans has always been higher than the national average. However, now it’s at Depression-era levels. The most recent figures show the jobless rate for African American males at 17.5 percent.

Watch more on this story  :

Teens step up to help 6 neglected children

18 Jun

Jersey City police say two teenagers, 16-year-old Aaliyah Glover and 17-year-old Njlaja Wyatt, stepped in when they found five of the woman’s six children running naked in the street, dodging traffic. They called police before giving the children baths and feeding them. Watch the video here:

Alveda King ask black voters to take a look at Herman Cain

13 Jun

Alveda King ask black voters to take a look at Herman Cain

Now this will probably not help Herman Cain much . Right now Alveda King is more remembered as one of the people who is a supporter of Glenn Beck and spoke at Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally rather than the niece of Dr. King.Read more here:


Former KKK organizer running for congress

2 Jun

John Abarr a former organizer for the Ku Klux Klan says he is running as a Republican for Montana’s representative in the U.S. House. Read more:

Obama on bin Laden death: The full 60 Minutes interview

10 May

Obama on bin Laden death: The full 60 Minutes interview

On Wednesday, May 4, 2011 – three days after he announced that American troops had killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan – President Barack Obama talked with “60 Minutes” correspondent Steve Kroft in the Roosevelt Room of the White House:

Watch the video here:

President Obama releases long form birth certificate

27 Apr

President Obama has released his long form birth certificate. See it here: